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Anything if done for the first time has an impact on human nature. Unlike adults who have an impulse and reflexive actions, the children show signs before they actually do anything and as a parent one should watch them closely. Teaching any new thing to a toddler takes a wholesome of an effort. Potty training never depends on the time or age it depends on when the child is ready. In this article we discuss about best Potty Training books and tips for parents.

It is a dominant turning point in a child’s life. Potty training is really important it installs self-esteem in their actions. Potty training is a step by step process, one that takes time and patience. It takes quite an amount of effort and patience. There is never the “right” time or “right” age to do that it all depends on the factor of readiness.

Look for signs:

The children often tend to grab their diaper and halt the activity they are indulged in so instead of the age factor look out for the signs. Some parents start potty training when their babies adolescent four month. This is done by watching the instinctive signs that mostly do not relate with actual signs. But it often impacts in a negative way in child’s grooming.

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When Should You must not start?

At initial age the child body is already going through enough of changes so never start at the time when the kid is already in some sort of process of adopting any new habit or the kid is overwhelmed with some sort of subtle change. Common changes include:

  • Sudden death or any tragic incident.
  • Switching Child’s sleeping place.
  • Any upcoming family event.

These are the times when kids are already coping up with lots of things and as a parent you are having focus issues too so never start that in any of these times when you cannot put your whole dedication and effort in that.

When you should start?

Most Children begin to show these signs in between the age of 18 or 23 months, and some take a little more time than that. Like boys often learn it later than the girls but not in every case.  There are times when you can give it a start for example:

  • While travelling
  • Around the birth of new sibling
  • Preparing them for preschool.
  • When a child has sickness like disturbed bowel movement or diarrhea.

Best Potty Training Books recommended:

Potty training books are the best way to encourage toddlers know what should they do or expect.

Oh Crap! Potty Training! This book is an awesome guide that provides six successful steps to potty train your toddler. If you are worried about potty training Jamie Glowacki will teach you how to do it in six easy steps. Thousands of of mothers have benefited from this book.

oh crap potty training
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Science of body:

When a child is under two year, he can’t control his excretory movements. The bladder that is control by muscles and rectum are not mature enough. If your child is in an antagonistic phase, and is not ready to take on a new challenge, or does not yet feel the desire to behave “like other kids” in such a way, you might take some extra time to prepare him mentally before training process starts.

Is my child is ready or not?

Once you start the phase then try to make toilet learning and potty training part of your child’s regular daily routine.

Signs of readiness:

A child needs control over his own body so look out for the signs without pushing the child over the edge of pressure.             

 She/he knows:

  • How and when to use the toilet?
  • How to flush?
  • How to tempt clothes up and down?
  • How to swab his/her bottom without your help?
  • Can he/she stay dry for at least two hours at a time? 
  • Is he/she impel at some level to take this next step? 

Even with these signs it will take you years to keep the kid dry at night and to master that art you need to be patient.

Potty Training Books recommended:

Stress free Potty Training :If your baby is afraid of going to the toilet or is frightened to learn the process of potty training. This guide will help you out of the situation. A must read book!

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What to do initially?

A mother and father play an important role in child’s life but mothers  often have that instinctive nature that father lacks so she can actually pick the signs more conveniently because of the bond she shares with the children. She can adopt various methods initially but patience is the key .She can get a potty chair. Most of the children feel more secure on a potty chair as compare to a toilet because when they sit, their feet are firmly on the floor and they are not nervous of falling off of it or in it.

A potty seat can be a good option too. Parents can get a standalone toddler size potty chair with a bowl that can easily be emptied later in the toilet. Allow child to become familiar with the potty chair. As a routine, let your child first sit on the potty chair fully clothed once a day. Instead of using the age factor try using the simple instructions like:

  • Understand the use of word potty
  • Difference between poop and pee.

The knowhow of potty types can do wonders?

As mother knows about her child’s habits and needs. So one should look out for the potty types as child often get uncomfortable with hard stools. Hard stools can be very painful and are onerous to pass. If your child’s stools are hard, add fiber to your child’s diet and consult your health care provider for an endorsed stool-softener. When the stool is softer, console your child that now it won’t hurt.

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The Potty training Pants:

Some doctors contradict about whether to use disposable training pants. Some think that training pants may involve children and make them think it is okay to use them like diapers. This may slows down the toilet training process. Most of people think it as a helpful step when you are training your child. At night time training pants are used sometimes, when it is more arduous for a child to control his or her bladder. In night mostly the kids are quite away from their day time control so it is a good idea to use the training pants in night time so they can have a slight idea to keep it dry but also make sure they do not consider it as a diaper.

The training pants are recommended by children health care specialists. But it comes with pros and cons.So before taking that step make sure to consult with the doctor. Child often get to easy with the training pants and this will might cause the irregularity in his or her training patterns and routines so it will be good idea to make them wear it only in  night.

Parental incentives

Make this experience as positive, natural, and nonthreatening, so that your child feels safe and confident that he or she is doing it on his or her own. If boys stand first, they may not want to sit to have a bowel movement. So, boys should learn to urinate sitting first but only when if he ready for that you can try counseling and make sure to eliminate any kind of fear from his mind. Compliment your child whenever he/she tells you that he/she needs to go for toilet. Make sure you use the right words for it as he or she must know the difference between pee and poop. Appreciate the effort when your child tells you without being reminded but do not overwhelm.

Potty Training Books recommended:

Potty Training in 3 Days: Making your child familiar to the toilet is a good idea. If your child is already familiar to the bathroom it will become easier for him when his training starts. After reading this book it will become easier for you to make your child use the toilet If you think it is the right time for your child to use potty and you want to do it in short time then Potty Training in 3 days is the book for you.

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Things to consider

What if my child has an accident?

There are accidents that come with toilet training. Your child may have a random accident even after he or she learns how to use the toilet. Sometimes, children get too confused in activities and forget that they need to use the bathroom. You can try with regular trips to the bathroom. This may help prevent some accidents. If your child does have an accident, stay soft.  Do not punish your child. Simply change them and continue to urge them to use the potty chair.

If your child is in the middle of potty training and you are both are having stressful time and seems to be having more accidents than usual, do not panic and know that this is absolutely normal practice. The child needs all of your patience and a trust that you are supporting him or her. She will return to her previous level of potty training just once things will get better and normal.

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What to avoid and the concept of reward in potty training.

Toddlers just want the control over their own mini world. They use the art of learning new skills to master up the control and power over their empire. This natural instinct can really cause some power struggle, as children thinks it is easy to take control by simply refusing to do something they know their parent wants them to do. And potty training is something top on the list for the parents and children takes head on with that. Toilet training is all about power struggles and because it is related with toddlers wanting to have control.

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Experts contradict about whether you should use rewards in toilet training. Some kids respond well with encouragement. Stickers on a chart at bedtime might be just the thing to get them to use the potty and make your job easier. When parents are matter-of-fact about potty training and never make it larger than life or a bubble about it, children are more likely to go by their own self-control and desire to reach this important milestone. Not rewarding is a healthier way to go, as child can get the pressure of the “success” and the anxiety of failure might not let them perform well under pressure. 

Question you can ask your doctor about potty training

Reach out to the child’s health care provider for guidance and share your concerns.

Parents should ask questions from doctor if they are having difficult time in potty training.

  • What should they do if their child won’t sit on the potty?
  • Potty time has whirl into a power struggle. What do they do?
  • How long will he/she need to wear diapers or training pants at night?
  • My child was doing well with toilet training, but now he has started having a lot of accidents. What’s problem?
  • My child is 4 and is not toilet trained. What should I do?
Best potty training books
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There can be many other questions and things you can ask the doctor depending upon the child’s situation. You can even ask to your doctor about best potty training books recommendations.

The final say about potty training:

This is overwhelming experience for both the child and parents. Where it needs the dedication and huge amount of patience it also needs the time and effort from a child. Keep in mind, that a child might not perform exactly the same way as any other kid of his age in this regard. You have to be patient in monitoring the patterns of child. Habits take time to develop so be patient with that one.

You may also want to have a say with a child development specialist. The specialist can help you sort out what the challenges are there to be occurred for your child in individual and can help you figure the best potty toilet training seats, best potty training books and learning strategies that might be more convenient. Make this a wonderful experience for yourself and your child.

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