Lansinoh Breast Pump Double Electric

Main Features

  • Bluetooth compatible
  • The companion app, to seamlessly track your pumping sessions and more.
  • Customisable settings
  • Ultra quiet breast pump
  • Comfortable pumping

$127.99 (as of November 10, 2020, 11:00 pm)

This deluxe Lansinoh Breast Pump Double Electric is our quietest breast pump yet at the same time as still having adjustable hospital strength suction levels. It has a breast pump electric LCD display that is back-lit for easy reading and large buttons to help keep watch over the variable suction speed and pumping style.

The hygienic closed system Lansinoh Breast Pump Double Electric helps prevent milk backup into the tubing for easier cleanup.

Comes with everything a Mom needs

The smart pump 2.0 comes with everything mom needs to get started on her pumping journey including both comfort fit breast pump flange sizes, 2 baby bottles, 2 bottle stands, 1 NaturalWave baby bottle nipples, AC power adapter, a Breast milk cooler with ice pack, and a Breast pump trip bag.

With this breastfeeding suction pump, mom never needs to worry about getting her nutritious breast milk back to baby. Lansinoh has been helping moms and babies get the best start in life for over 35 years!

Our Care Portfolio

Our care portfolio includes our Lanolin nipple cream, Lansinoh disposable nursing pads, the Lansinoh breastfeeding starter set that’s perfect for a new mom’s baby registry, and other breastfeeding essentials to help care for mom at the same time as nursing.

Our pump portfolio includes a super portable manual pump, our signature double electric breast pump, our Smart pump 2.0 that syncs with baby 2.0 app on your phone that will help you track pumping sessions, and other accessories to help with breast milk pumping.


All of our electric pumps are compatible with the Lansinoh Simple Wishes hands free breast pump bustier. Our store portfolio includes everything you wish to have to save mom’s liquid gold breast milk like our Lansinoh Milk storage bag.

Our Feed Portfolio

Our feed portfolio includes our baby bottles and NaturalWave nipples that are compatible with any Lansinoh Bottle. Lansinoh offers warranty and enhance for products purchased via Amazon.Some delivered to the US territory for use in the united states.


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