how to sterilize baby bottles

How To Sterilize Baby Bottles 2

How to sterilize baby bottles with perfection is the question that raises in every Mom’s life, because the immune system of a newborn baby is quite week and not yet fully formed and babies are more vulnerable then an older child to infection and disease. We all know that most of the infections to a newborn is happened through the feeding bottles.

So Sterilising baby feeding bottles, equipment and essentials until your baby is 18 months old is the most important point.

How to sterilise baby bottles
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Step 1 –> Cleaning baby bottles

  • After each feed thoroughly clean the bottle.
  • Put the bottle nipple outside with the cap of the bottle and now clean bottle, bottle cap, nipple and lid with the help of bottle brush.
  • Then take hot soapy water and put the lid, nipple, bottle cap and bottle into the hot water for 30-40 seconds it will help to dissolve all the sticky milk marks inside the bottle and on the nipple.
  • After completing step number 3 now rinse the baby bottle, bottle cap, nipple and lid with some fresh water.

After completing all the steps make sure that each baby bottle equipment is clean and no traces of milk was left on the bottle and all other equipment.

Now the next step is about how to sterilise your baby bottles after cleaning it.

Step 2 –> Sterilizing bottles

There are many ways to sterilize baby bottle but we discuss 2 main ways first is sterilising by yourself (manual sterilising) and the second is sterilising with electric steam sterilisers and microwave sterilisers that available in market.

Manual sterilizing

The main purpose of sterilize baby bottles is to kill all the germs inside or outside the bottle and this can also be done by boiling the bottle on high temperature water so it will kill all the germs.

  • Take a large clean pan and put it on the stove, now take bottles, nipples, lid and cap put it in that large saucepan.
  • Now add water into the pan so that it completely cover all the equipment.
  • Now start boiling the water till 4-5 minutes make sure there are no air bubble in the water before start boiling.
  • After 4-5 minutes now turned off the stove and left the water till cool down.
  • Now take out all the equipment and put it inside a clean container and cover it completely.

You have to keep in mind that if the bottle is not used you have to clean it again within 24 hours.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching any baby bottle equipment. In this situation of Covid-19 it is really crucial to wash your hand after every 20-30 minutes.

Sterilizing with the help of machines

Now days there are a lot of good companies that are manufacturing excellent quality baby sterilisers and warmers, so you can use them without any hesitation. We will discuss about some of the best sterilisers and warmers available in the market in the end.

  • First step before purchasing any steriliser always read the instructions and precautions written outside the box, it will help you to clear any confusion that raises in your mind.
  • Place bottles and all equipment into the steriliser and close the lid down.
  • Before adding water read the instruction on the box and add the water till the limit mentioned.
  • Leave the bottles inside the steriliser until the time mentioned.
  • Now take out all the equipment and put it inside a clean container and cover it completely.

If you do not immediately use the bottles, check how long you can keep them in the steriliser before you have to re-sterilise them.

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